About this Website's Owner

Well, if you came here expecting to find a long list of Meteorology credentials, you're going to be disappointed. Like most Personal Weather Station (PWS) owners, Jerry has absolutely no training in Meteorology, nor does he try to pretend he does. Yeah, I am sure there are some "real weather professionals" who own PWS's, but for the most part, I think you will find PWS owners are average people from various backgrounds who found a way to marry their particular skills in other fields with their interests in the weather. As a true hobbyist, they of course strive to get things right, but in reality they really are amateurs. What IS really cool though is that the real weather professionals find the data these hobbyists’ collect to actually be useful!!

If you want to trip up a PWS owner, ask technical questions about the weather like "What is their Estimated daily mean temperature from synoptic climate observations?". You will probably get a resounding "hmm, that's a good question" and they could, in all likelihood, sound like a complete moron. On the other hand, ask them questions like "why do you own a PWS?", "what do you do with it?" or "how did you get it online?" and, in all likelihood, they will give you an interesting, intelligent answer. As an example, I asked Jerry how to setup a Lightning Sensor, hook it to a Personal Computer, integrate it with a store bought Weather Station and get the whole thing to broadcasts its readings to the world... he was delighted I asked and promptly wrote this website to give me the details!

As for Jerry, he happens to be a retired computer guy who happens to own a couple of Personal Weather Stations. Among other things, Jerry used to develop Websites. He has held positions at companies that include Network Engineer, Systems Administrator and Programmer. Jerry used his technical computer knowledge to create "Unofficial Weather". A website hosted inside his home (no hosting fees!!) that is not only a functional weather website, but a "how to" guide for others who are trying to get their personal weather station and/or cameras online. Jerry grew up in Lake County IL. Although he has lived in other parts of the country, this area is where his heart remained. Living elsewhere, he truly missed having all four seasons of weather. Spring has it's wild thunder storms, rain, mud and the starting of life returning to the land. Summer has heat and endless blazing sunshine. Fall has beautiful colors and cool days and the return of rain and mud. Oh yes...and then there is winter....unbelievably cold, snow, snow and more snow. Yep, Jerry is always complaining about the current season, and looking forward with excitement to the arrival of the NEXT season. He has a business background which often has him writing about himself in the third person. Yep, he is very strange.

Jerry has invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, and let's not even get into monetary investment, into creating this website and he would love to claim it is 100% his work. But he recognizes that this site would be much less "cool", have much less functionality and perhaps not even exist if it were not for the indirect contributions by others. Jerry has made extensive use of the fantastic knowledge of the actual Meteorologists who are online lending their advice and technical experience to the hobbyists, and the generosity and creativity of other programmers who have developed some amazing FREE or inexpensive programs and functions. These people have Jerry's extreme gratitude!