About this Website's Weather Radio

Most devices are capable of playing this sites Weather Radio. A new Weather Radio broadcast is generated every 15 minutes by a server dedicated to its creation. If you have a website and are thinking of doing your own weather radio, please note that the way this website provides weather radio is very complex.

The Weather Display software has a built in talking weather feature that by itself is very cool. You can create a text file with what you want talking weather to "say". You place words in this text file along with tags where you want Weather Display to insert things like temperature, wind speed, time of day, etc. Weather Display then uses Microsoft's Text to Speech (TTS) technology to convert your text file into actual speech.

Jerry uses this really cool feature in Weather Display and enhances it to create an even more realistic weather station. The text file Weather Display uses to create the "Talking Weather" is generated by a program Jerry wrote. Jerry's program uses codes to change the voice Microsoft's TTS uses giving you the illusion of two distinct radio personalities. The logic creates conflicts between these generated characters, gives them topics of discussion, and provides a radio program that is hopefully both entertaining as well as informative. It might surprise you to know that the entire broadcast that typically lasts 8 to 12 minutes is generated, start to finish, in less than a minute flat.