How This Website was Created

Originally, this website was coded in standard HTML4. One day, in a moment of temporary insanity, Jerry decided to re-write the entire Website. There were many reasons for this insane decision. First, he could not stand how clunky the Storm Center page worked. Second, the way it was designed, it really did not work on tablets and phones. The gauges, though very cool, were taking up all the room on the screen squishing the pages to the point that they were almost useless. This problem was exaggerated on the small screens of tablets and phones. Third, the old menu system was written in about an hour and was static, leaving no way to expand the menu items. Their were other reasons, but these were the main reasons for the re-write.

Jerry used to write websites for a living, and was shocked to see the new websites were coded in some sort of gibberish called HTML5 using CSS3. Huh? He was determined to learn this new method of coding. Yep, he was totally insane. His brother-in-law, Rip, pointed out a program that was at the time being offered FREE called CSE HTML Validator. This program checked the code in HTML documents and CSS documents for errors, violations of rules, spelling errors etc. Really cool. Jerry would code a page in what he thought was HTML5, and the program would tell him how poorly he understood HTML5. After a few dozen pages, Jerry actually got the hang of things. He just had to throw everything he knew about creating a web page out the window, and re-learn how to do everything.

HTML5 and CSS3 is BETA code widely used on the Internet today. Even though the rules are not finalized, it is becoming a standard. It is supported by all major browsers currently being made, so it should work correctly on all major browsers except of course Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8. This site acts all bizarre and stuff on Internet Explorer on Windows 8. Use something else until Microsoft can fix their issues.

I am currently aware of three issues my site has.