Terms of Use & Why You Should NOT Rely on this Site

I am just a retired guy with a Personal Weather Station. I am NOT certified in anything weather related! Nor am I trained or formally educated in anything weather related. DO NOT even THINK of me as a weather expert!! DO NOT rely on my website as accurate. This is just a fun hobby for me. Think of this site as a big child's toy. Would you rely on a child's toy to plan your day? NO! So don't plan anything important based on what you see or hear here. Also, don't allow a child to play with this site without adult supervision.

Terms of Use: This site is to be used for your personal curiosity only. By using this site, you agree to hold the owner, his family, other relatives, friends, casual acquaintances, neighbors, third party data suppliers, ISP, mortgage company and government harmless for the accuracy of any data, predictions, historical data or anything else you see or hear on this site. If you sue someone I have never heard of, good luck! By the way, holding harmless includes anything else you can come up with to aggravate me.

MOBILE DEVICES and other LIMITED DATA PLAN EQUIPMENT: All Pages on this site do frequent data transfers that, among other things, are constantly updating the live gauges. Some pages use high rates of data transfers such as the streaming video pages. The site does streaming audio in the form of a lengthy Radio Broadcast. If you have a LIMITED data plan, these data transfers will EAT UP your data allotment for your device. Therefore I strongly suggest you only visit my site while on a device that is using unlimited WiFi or some kind of unlimited data service. I am not, nor will I be, responsible for any data charges you may incur. I also will not pay your electric or any other bill you incur.

The weather cameras show the real world, and sometimes may even contain real people! I have no control over what people do when they are in view of my Weather Cameras. At times, they may do things that can be considered inappropriate for viewing by children, teens, young adults, people with heart conditions, Republicans, Democrats, etc. Watching the video streams should be done with all appropriate precautions taken BY YOU and with the knowledge you are watching AT YOUR OWN RISK.

I have attempted to give you the most accurate stuff possible, however, problems happen. This website is extremely complex. It uses multiple weather sensors, cameras, servers and other equipment that can and do occasionally fail. When a sensor fails, it can give off wildly inaccurate readings, when a server fails, the task that server performs ceases to be updated. For example: If the server that generates the Weather radio report fails, the radio broadcast you hear will be the last one the server created before it failed. I don't even pay attention to this Website EVERY day. So it is possible that a down server may go unnoticed for days. In addition, I am relying on third parties for some historical data, predictions, warnings, maps and perhaps some other things. Although I personally trust the third parties for accuracy, I can not vouch for them being 100% accurate.

Some features of this website, such as the viewing of the Weather Cameras, may require third party plug-ins to be installed and/or that you make changes to your computer setup. These are installed/done "At Your Own Risk".

So, any use of this site, ANYTHING you see or do on this site is done "At Your Own Risk".