Weather Software

This page tells you about some of my favorite software that I use for my Personal Weather Station (PWS). I give you reviews and overviews that can help you decide what software you might need should you be setting up a PWS. The software listed here are all ADD-ON's. You do not NEED this software to have a PWS, but if you are like me, once you have setup a PWS you will want to enhance its capabilities.

I use software called "Weather Display". If you are just starting out, you probably should scroll down past this one or go to the hardware section of the site. This software is an upgrade you will want once you are really hooked and your life savings is all but squandered.

Weather Display

Weather Display Software

The software that helps get my Weather Station ONLINE!

Trial Version: A fully functional 30 day FREE trial. Stops functioning after 30 days.

Cost: $70.00 when I purchased it.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Using this software, the Acu-Rite 5-in-1 and the Acu-Rite PC-Connect display hardware I am able to Rapidfire my sensor's results to Weather Underground and WeatherBug every 3 seconds.

Requirements: An Acu-Rite 5-in-1 sensor with a PC-Connect display. Works with many other brand stations. See the Weather Display website for details. For convenience, a link to Weather Display's homepage is in the Weather Candy section of this site.

Features: This software is jam packed with features. If you think you knew everything your weather station could do, guess again. Here are some of my favorite features:

  • Works with my Acu-Rite 5-in-1 Sensors with PC-Connect display unit.
  • I can add sensors like multiple 1-Wire sensors and other brands.
  • Rapidfires my Acu-Rite sensor data in 3 second intervals to Weather Underground
  • Vast numbers of graphs, charts, readouts, etc suitable for presenting on my website
  • Supports local server websites, as I use (no need to upload).
  • Can automatically upload to my website. I can control when.
  • Talking Weather feature
  • Automatic downloads of Weather Forecasts from the National Weather Service, NOAA warnings, etc
  • Will interface with many camera systems to display snapshots on my webpages.
  • Will create time-lapse video/flash from cameras
  • Creates animated GIFs of my cameras

And this is not all. I could go on, but check it out for yourself! Oh, and I keep finding stuff it does that I was not aware it does.

Caveats: This software is NOT for the clueless. If you are not well versed in website design and weather, etc, you are going to have problems getting this up and running. The 30 day trial is a good thing to do when you think you are ready to give this a shot.

The Acu-Rite 5-in-1


SteelGauges Live Weather Gauges

Example Gauge
Not Live!

(The Gauges you see on my Website)

Free, with links to Author

Works with Weather Display Software.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Requirements: A working weather station with Weather Display software or other weather software it supports. See the Helpful Links page to visit their websites OR visit your weather software's homepage for a customized version.


  • You control how often the gauges get updates
  • Source code provided if you feel the uncontrollable urge to modify functions
  • You have many options for things like F and C
  • Can be used on your local machine that only you see
  • Can be setup on an internal LAN in your home or office for only your family/Associates viewing
  • Can be used on a website for the world to see
  • Gauge colors/backgrounds can be customized...but why?

I could go on, but check it out for yourself! This is a cool Add-On

The Acu-Rite 5-in-1

's Acu-Rite Bridge reader

Kevin Key's Acu-Rite Bridge reader

Allows your bridge to Rapidfire and use Weather Display software

Free Software

Works with or without Weather Display Software.

My Rating: 10 out of 10

Using this software, the Acu-Rite 3-in-1 and the Acu-Rite Bridge hardware described in the Hardware section of this site, I am able to Rapidfire my sensor's results to Weather Underground and WeatherBug every 3 seconds.

Requirements: A Windows based PC with dual Ethernet. May be 2 wired Ethernet adapters or 1 wired and 1 wireless. A working Acu-Rite bridge with at least 1 weather sensor. Use the link in the "Helpful Links" section of this site to download.


  • Your bridge will still connect with Acu-Rite's Acu-Link site. This software does not stop functionality!
  • This software will Rapidfire data to weather services such as Weather Underground, WeatherBug and PWS without installing other software like Weather Display. This feature may be used or turned off if you wish to send using other software.
  • You can create a csv file that other software like Weather Display can read.
The Acu-Rite 5-in-1